Who I am

I am Sjoerd Job, a software developer (or whatever you want to call it).

Since I was young, I have been interested in programming, starting with (Borland Turbo) Pascal. Since then I've had the priviledge of having gained experience in quite a few programming languages.

Currently, I work mostly with Python, but am not afraid to dabble with Javascript (with or without a framework). C still interests me a lot, but I barely find reason to write some C code (but sure am happy to read some to gain more understanding)..

And my name is...

Since it comes up quite a lot, and it happens often that people get it wrong, my first name is "Sjoerd Job". No hyphen, but a blank (\x20). Also, not "Sjoerd", I'm sorry but that's not my name.

How do you pronounce it? I'm quite tolerant to best-effort attempts. Also, I've been known to accept people (Dutch and non-Dutch alike) saying "SJ" instead of my full first name. That is all fine by me.

My opinions

As a software developer, and as a person in general, I can be very opinionated. This is the place where I document (some of) my opinions with respect to software development, best practices, processes, patterns, and so on. But, I might also document my experiences.

The reason why I blog is two-fold. I blog to help myself better express my opinions, to find better arguments for them, or even challenge myself. But I also like sharing my experiences, and hope others can learn from my opinions and experiences, if only because they see parts where my argumentation is weak or flawed.


Any and all content on this blog is my own opinion, believe. Content does not necessarily represent the opinion of

I take no responsibility for the accuracy of my statements, benchmarks even when purported as fact.